Best Shore Delivery

Best Shore Delivery

Just as we have the flexibility to create a solution unique to your needs, we have the flexibility to offer you delivery options that suit your needs also.

We can offer you a full complement of professional coders located within the United States working either remotely or from your location. This represents the most traditionally acceptable answer to many resource issues. We have a large pool of experienced and credentialed coders ready to take on your solution.

We can also offer you a full complement of professional, credentialed coders located outside the United States. This represents exceptional value as a return on investment. This team of coders can also respond overnight from most US based time zones, speeding the completion of your records and reducing your DNFB.

Both these options are available to you without the risk of subcontracted services. All of our professional, credentialed coders are employees of CFH – not subcontractors. Each coder answers only to our management team and to you, the client.

Finally, in the most flexible options, we can offer you a blend of onshore and offshore resources. We can offer you a blend of high volume, low risk charts and delivery options that represent the best value for your dollar.